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Five colour screenprint hand-pulled by the artist, on acid-free heavy 300gsm snowdon paper.

First edition of 30, hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Unframed and unmounted.

Paper dimensions 16ix20in (approx 40x50cm).

Area of printed image approx 12ix16in (approx 30x40cm).

Feel free to get in touch for framing advice.

Please note screenprinting is a handmade process so each print will be slightly unique.


  • Framing advice

    Will fit a 20x16inch (outer frame size) frame with 12x16mount opening which leaves a 1cm white area showing around the print to allow space for the signature. Can alternatively be framed unmounted.

    Will also fit an 40x50cm frame without mount (might cover part of signature) but will require slight trimming. Please let me know if you would like this done before sending out.

  • About screenprinting

    Several steps are taken to achieve a screenprint. First the artwork is created and then each colour is made into a black film positive. A silk screen is coated with light sensitive emulsion for each colour and dried in a light-safe environment. The film positive is laid on top of the mesh and the screen is then exposed to UV light which hardens the emulsion. The black on the film blocks the light and stops those areas of the screen from being exposed so they can then be washed away with water and the image is left imprinted on the screen. After the screen has dried, each colour is carefully mixed and printed in order using a squeegee to push ink through the mesh. 

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